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Hey, this is Amy, 20 years old, webadmin, and blogger. If you want to see more pictures of me you can click this link. Keeping the network up takes us a lot of effort, time and money, so if you like our work, please click on the ads, this way you can help us keep the lights on! Running on SLYNet Private Network, using Microsoft OS, WMWare and Redhat and NetCraft, running on LiteSpeed Server Hardware, supercharged by CloudFlare Network. Thank you, Amy xoxo <3!

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The server is dieing…

Because the lack of donations and support the server will be closed soon. The process has already began for 3 of the main websites. The core data was affected by the lack of disk space and the websites are only sustained by the static html caches. I am sorry but if nobody will help us, this server is going to die. The countdown until the master shut-down will be complete is displayed on the websites that have the cores intact.

You can help us very easy: by clicking the Google ads every time you visit, or by making a donation using the donation button found here: http://www.purplexs.athousand-suns.us/ . You just open this website and click the “Open description” button in the menu.

I hope we will manage to survive. Thank you!